Artist Statement

Imaginary Spaces – Urban Cartographies – Memory – Translation: my work focus on the relation between image and imagination. I question the image as a projection surface, as a trigger or repository of collective and individual imaginative space – be they urbanistic, political or social. How can I represent and narrate what I cannot show directly? How can I suggest images without a direct depiction? – These are some of the key questions around which my practice takes shape.
Urban space serves repeatedly as a source of my investigations: to observe my personal, subjective perceptions, to dig into the collective unconscious and to form questions and works with a personal and social relevance. On the basis of fragmentation, recomposition and restructuring of the collected imagery, by intersecting image realities with their imaginary and by examining interstices I excavate, examine and expose dynamics of a social fabric, driven by the urge to find links between a personal and a more general social relevance. I try to find means to evoke new connotations - to open a space for reinterpretation, for possible remodelling.
I work predominantly with video, photography and black and white laser copy, and transform and translate an image from one medium into another, leading to multiple conditions of the image within this process. The result often includes a 3-dimensional or installative approach to photographic space. Most of my videos are based on photography as a primary material as well as a static, photographic camera and vision.

I am a co-founder and member of the Vienna based visual concepts collective RE-P.ORG
and of the “Space for Books, Art and Cooking” – Das Lehrerzimmer, in Bern

© Maia Gusberti, 2012