Artist Statement

In her artistic work, Maia Gusberti explores, how photographic images become a tangible body and poetic space of care, thought and agency by examining their materiality and framing through de-/reconstruction and entanglements between still and moving images: still images become handled, touched, treated and embodied, they expand in time and space and—in a self-critical attempt—depict and overwrite themself. Through different strategies of fragmentation, elements re-compose to a bigger picture and engage in a playful reflection about when and how an image touches its spectators.
Gusberti‘s projects transfom through various media, refer to each other, remain in motion and take shape as installations, assemblages, work groups, fragmentary essayistic layouts or videosthat stay in process. The city as a living organism and multi-layered landscape serves her as a visual resource.
Her practice includes curatorial projects i.e. the film programme series „Komplexe Bilder (Complex Images)“ at Cinema REX in Bern and the exhibition project „Choreography of the frame“ at Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna. She is an artistic research assistant at the Lucerne School of Art and Design (HSLU). In this context she currently co-organises the SARN conference „Traversing Topologies“.

© Maia Gusberti, 2012