Fragments of a city without a map (Exerpt). Video HD, 8.45 min, 2012

The basis of the workgroup Fragments of a city without a map and Landscape (Un)folded is a AiR stay in Amman, Jordan. The collected materials seemed fragmentary. I decided to fragment and deconstruct the material even more, to dismember it and go through a process of remembering, putting together and reconcidering, to achieve a different approach to the material and to finally surprise myself with the outcome. From this process a spacial but in itself still fragmental setting of several related works emerged: they all base on and complement one another and are linked together. They form an imaginery landscape, an urban map and spacial model consisting of images, text fragments and interspaces.

The Video:
Jigsaw-puzzles were produced from selected photographs shot in Ammanís urban space. I filmed myself while assembling these puzzles. A process of documentation, a space of memories, a visual language translates these pictures into a lively and narrative landscape:
The assembling as a process of reprocessing, remembering and reflection on urban structure and my ways through it, my disorientation, the personal reconstruction of a place, difficult to grasp in its complexity. I revisited Amman within my own images, to explain myself a place and time through the reassembling, through remembering and finally rewriting.
The resulting video is a slow, repetitive loop, in which a person recomposes the picture and experience of a city ó to never finish and to always begin anew.
The video is complemented by a text and a voice-over which tells of a city experience and personal memories.

© Maia Gusberti, 2012