Subtitles for an unwritten film...
(On reading between the lines)

2015. Video HD with subtitles and sound. Loop.


Video preview:

The search for the underlying, essential message during the realization of an impossible seeming project becomes a reflexive, trance-like loop: the video piece rigorously rehearses artistic processes of creation and reflection, the conditions of production and the fear of failure.
In a circular movement, as if the artist where spinning on her own axis in the studio, the camera scans the studio and all the objects, sketches and open processes it contains. Spaces open up sometimes more distant, sometimes closer to the object of attention as the camera traces a picture frame or traverses an urban landscape. Between old works pictured and image-like notes, cross-references emerge between image, former works and text. The loop is repeated and constantly refined: at each screening the film is overwritten and thus becomes infinite and unfinished, continuously expanding and re-inscribing itself. Through this process, the artist repeatedly questions herself, thus highlighting her own as well as the general conditions of production.

supported by the Art Commissions of the City of Bern, Canton of Bern and the Burgergemeinde Bern

© Maia Gusberti, 2012