SUNDAY-files are collected only on Sundays. These real-time images fed onto the internet from webcams used for interior surveillance show classrooms, offices and workplaces in which cameras keep tabs on the productive activities of employees on working days. Slow, automated images recorded from the monitor displaying what is captured by the eternally vigilant webcams are complemennted by acoustic fragments of our work on the Sunday-files — the sounds of the production process of the project itself — which took place on Sundays only.
The result is a temporally and geographically nested space in which our camera documents spaces through the lens of someone’s elses camera and inscribes into this silent, telematically-charged space the soundtrack of our own work.

SUNDAY-files is a video installation in cooperation with Nik Thoenen.

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Interview (Movie), Shiftfestival 2008

Text Verena Kuni (only in German/Deutsch)

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