Terrain Vague
Variations of an upside down experience

Series of 12 Fine Art Prints, framed, different sizes.


Terrain Vague Variations of an upside down experience is based on one single photographic image and developed within a multiple step process (from digital photography, to analog gum prints, to 3 dimensional paper work and its photographic reproduction, digital pigment print). Starting point is the urban cityscape of Johannesburg at night, mirroring itself in a glass surface.
The printed image is folded and overlays its own copy. The image as a spacial object nests and folds within itself, extends itself, providing new dimensions of space, perspectives and interpretation of an imaginary landscape.

Acquisitions / Collections:
Kunstmuseum Thun 2014; City of Biel 2014; Migros Aare 2016.

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Printed 2013 at Drucketelier Tom Blaess

© Maia Gusberti, 2012